How to register Trezor account by

Finding a good crypto wallet is the toughest thing to do. It is because the traders would have to first decide whether they should go for a software wallet or a hardware wallet. And then the next decision they would have to make is which wallet is better than the available ones. You can already tell how long the process is, which does not even end here.

In this context, we will guide you about one of the most famous hardware wallets that is Trezor Wallet.

Why Trezor?

If you have decided to go with the hardware wallets, then you must already know what kinds of benefits a hardware wallet offers. A short overview of such benefits is given below:

How to set up a wallet using

Getting started to use Trezor is simple. Just because it is a long process does not mean that it will be complicated. The users who find this setup procedure hard can follow our simple steps that are written below:

  1. Connect Trezor Wallet and your computer with a USB cable.
  2. On the screen of the wallet ‘Go to’ would be written.
  3. You will have to open the same link from your computer.
  4. Once the link is opened, you will be prompted to download the Trezor Wallet computer application.
  5. Click ‘Yes Install’.
  6. For security reasons set up your fingerprint.
  7. Now, click ‘Continue’.
  8. In the next step disconnect both devices by unplugging the USB cable.
  9. Once unplugged, attach them again.
  10. It will now ask you to set up a PIN for your Trezor Wallet.
  11. Once all the above steps are completed, storing of secret recovery phrase would be the last step.

After all the steps above have been executed, your new Trezor Wallet account would be registered.

Login Process

In the above section of the content we told you about the setup steps and now in this segment, we will discuss the steps that would be required to be used every time you want to access the account.  

  1. The computer application that was installed using the link
  2. On the screen tap ‘Login’.
  3. Then write the PIN that was set up during account registration.
  4. On the hardware wallet match your fingerprints.

After all of this, your will be able to use the hardware wallet without any issues.

Wrapping it up

Ever since the increase in the market of crypto, traders have become more conscious about their funds and are in constant search for the most secure wallet. And as of now the only type of wallet that gives the best security is the hardware wallets. And among the several launched hardware wallets you can explore the services of Trezor Wallet you can also download its Suite Application by using the link And then you can monitor your funds easily.